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COMIG Cooperative Company was born in 1974 from the initiative of some employees who wanted to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure in the metalworking sector.

The cooperative spirit of the founders has been handed down to the new generations, fully involving them in the business, and the members have thus identified themselves in the cooperative becoming the architects of its and its future, giving it impulses that are not found in capital companies.

Over time, the company has specialized in the construction of plants in the food sector, while also continuing to operate in the mechanical sector in general, making itself appreciated for its seriousness, ability and technical competence.

Today the company is made up of around thirty member workers and employees, is equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities and equipment, offering customers qualified technical support and design.

In the productive reality of the north-east made up of small and medium-sized industries, COMIG has become an important point of reference for operators in the sector, and with the new production site with a covered area of ​​4000 square meters, with new plants and infrastructures, in the sign the continuity of the cooperative project is laying the foundations for the third generation of cooperating members.

Why are we a Cooperative?

Human resources are the true success factor of every team and every company.

For us this is not a slogan that is so fashionable today. We believe that cooperation between people is necessary to reach ambitious goals and this is what we wrote in our social statute, so that the objectives we achieve are truly shared.

COMIG is a team and has always been since its origin.

We believe that no technological innovation, however essential for a successful company, is able to offer the customer listening skills, project sharing, experience, flexibility, as much as a team of technically trained and motivated people.


Realization for third parties


Construction and assembly of custom machines


Spares for pasta extruder technologies

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